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Evangelist Charly Thomas suddenly become Govinda Chami (Soumya murder)

Charly Thomas (Media’s Govindachamy has been found guilty in the rape and murder case of Soumya by the Thrissur fast track court. Pronouncement of judgment has been delayed for 04 November since the Public Prosecutor submitted before the court the documents to prove previous convictions of the accused which showed that he had undergone imprisonment in eight cases in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and trial of another robbery case was in progress. Dr.N.K.Unmesh, Associate Professor at the Thrissur Government Medical College caused much confusion during the trial when he came up with the claim that he conducted the post-mortem. However, the court found the doctor guilty of misleading the court and directed the Wadakanchery Magistrate court to book a case against the doctor. The noteworthy thing in this case has been that a group of advocates headed by a Prominent Advocate from Pune took up the case of Gonvidachamy and at the early stage itself they made an all out effort to secure bail for him. During the entire proceedings, the advocates of Govindachamy tried to create all sorts of confusion, but the general public, the witnesses, the investigating officers and the doctors involved in the case remained so firm that the prosecution could convince the court very well about the crimes committed. Even though the court has not made observation about the support Govindachamy has been getting from unknown sources, it was widely publicized through the media that Govindachamy is a converted Christian and the advocates for him was probably arranged by the group who converted him. When the case by its nature caught up public attention and media coverage, they found this an opportunity to cash on their commitment towards the converted and provided the best defense for the notorious criminal. Since they could not succeed in turning the witnesses hostile, they brought in the doctor to confuse the case. Or else, how such a ruthless criminal could produce a strong defense who could even buy a Professor of Government Medical college? This incident points to the power the new generation conversion lobby has in this country and how daring they are and why the law enforcing authorities and the judiciary ignore them.


This Is How The Catholic Church Is Profiting In The German Erotic Novel Industry

One of Germany’s largest publishing companies, Weltbild, has over 2,500 erotic novels in its online catalogue. Its owned 100 percent by the German Catholic Church.

Worldcrunch, summarizing an article by German newspaper Die Welt, says that for over 10 years Catholics have complained about the company, which has been owned by the church for over 30 years. The high point of this opposition came in 2008, when a 70-page report on the book sales was sent to bishops.

Die Welt reports that the situation came to light after a report this month mentioned the erotica distributed by Weltbild. The publication also said that over half of the bishops who were sent the report in 2008 failed to acknowledge receipt of the document.

Weltbild has an annual turnover of €1.7 billion ($2.4 billion) and has a 20 percent market share when it comes to selling books. That makes it the second largest online retailer of books behind Amazon.

The church also owns a 50 percent stake in publishing company Droemer Knaur,
which also produces pornographic books.

Real source

SFI leader Rajesh Acting. The award goes to………

Evangelism through Girl Trafficking

23 Nepalese kids rescued from home in Coimbatore

Forty-two girls, including 23 from Nepal, were rescued from an orphanage in Coimbatore by district child welfare committee volunteers on Thursday. The raid took place after the Nepal embassy sought help from the Indian government to trace and rescue 50 Nepal girls who had gone missing from the country in recent years. Twenty-three of the missing girls were being kept at an orphanage in Coimbatore.

According to child welfare officials, a large number of children, especially girls, were reported missing from Nepal during the last 10 years. It was brought to the committees notice that 23 girls from Nepal were being lodged at Michael Job Orphanage at Sulur in Coimbatore.

The Nepal embassy had given the task of tracing the missing children to the Esther Benjamins Trust, a UK-based NGO working in Nepal, which rescues Nepalese children who have been trafficked or displaced to India. The trust recently found that over 23 of these girls were in an orphanage in Sulur. It approached the Indian embassy seeking help to rescue the children.
The Coimbatore district child welfare committee conducted a raid at the Michael Job Orphanage on Thursday. They rescued 42 children from the home and took them to Don Bosco Anbu Illam in Coimbatore city.

Paedophile Catholic Priest facing charges in US, Hiding in Kerala

A Catholic priest  Jacob Vellian, accused of child abuse while in the US is allegedly living a quiet life in Kerala’s Kottayam district with the support of Syro Malabar Sabha. The accused, while serving as a priest in the St John’s Church in Ohio State during 1973-74 had sexually abused a high school student identified as Ann Philip Browning. The priest, a native of Kottayam is currently staying in an ashram of the sabha in Kaduthuruthy. He eloped to the state when he was found guilty in the US.

The girl, who was continuously abused by the priest several times publicised the incident recently. The girl was mentally traumatised after the incident. A case was registered by the law enforcement department and the police following a complaint lodged by the victim.

The panel of the diocese of Kalamazoo, who conducted a probe on the incident, had found the priest guilty. The accused, serving as a priest in California, had left for the state when he knew that action would be taken against him.

Rev Paul Bradley of the diocese of Kalamazoo had requested the Pope to terminate him from service. Timely intervention of some sabha leaders in the state helped him reach home and settle in an Ashram in Kaduthuruty. Inmates of the Ashram and also the visitors are unaware of the background of Jacob Vellian.

Sabha has lots of experience in dealing with such cases. In Kerala itself, Sabha had to exert lots of pressure to deal with Sister Abhaya case. Verghese P Thomas who investigated Abhaya case had revealed to Chief Judicial Magistrate in Thiruvananthapuram that some of the congress leaders from Kerala has tried to influence the murder case by exerting pressure on the PMO when Narasimha Rao was PM. As per the American law, Sabha has to give proper compensation to the victim, once the case is proved. While this being the case, Sabha is trying to save the culprit by intervening and giving legal aids.

The details of this particular case is also available in the web site which is maintained exclusively to report such harassment cases against Pastors and Bishops. Victims account in this website reveals the dirty life of many criminal pastors.

Be Hindu if you want to be clever (Quoted by a news website to grab more attention)

As mentioned in our previous posts get more people read your news website by quoting wrong news.

Be Hindu if you want to be clever (By all means it is quoted wrong by an online Malayalam news website to grab more attention)

The real news tells a completely different story, it is a  survey conducted and it shows that 77% of students who describe themself as hindu went to higher education.

The actual news link   Click Here

Have a business in britian, start your british online malayalam news website.

You were an owner of a business and the foremost customers are malayalee’s,   like XYZmalyalaleetravels, Nonallied financial institutions, adukkala solicitors etc to name a few . The foremost thing you could do is start a news paper with the names like,,,prayasammalayali etc. In india we call it ‘Manja patram’.

The desired qualifications of  editors  is that they should write malayalam, rest is history. You could easily create history by writing a title of post for which everyone would click out of curiosity. The story will be the same which you have read this morning in METRO  difference being  written in malyalam with a bit of spice added from the editors point of view, keeping kolayali’s in mind. The not so bright people whose english is not up to scratch, it’s better if they read a english paper to improve a bit of language. Please do keep your root and read some Indian malayalam news papers and keep in touch with the malayalam language.  There’s  better way by which the malayali kids growing up in U.K would be benefited by introducing Malayalam written in English.

I know it sounds a daunting prospect. A newspaper needs a name, offices, equipment, an editor, divers, desktop Graphics, photoresearchers, journalists, advertising, circulation managers, printers and someone to coffee.

Not so today.

Each editor every publication in every corner of the planet is under time pressure, low cost, almost no time working at all and many press releases and product placement, the fun that can easily fill the most hitsLandfills in the country.


Now, shrinking of newspapers and magazines personnel have seen anywhere in a surplus of PR agencies sprout. One would expect, dass

Journalists have a living through writing and their contacts and make public relations is a relatively easy way to a refrigerator full at the end of the month. For professionals who struggle with deadlines and challenging issues on a daily basis, knocking copy of which is a kind of new “greenwallpaper “sound was invented saying something since sliced ​​bread task is relatively easy. Selling it happened, these days, relatively heavy, and why journalists (and PR agencies) are under huge time stenosis for the ubiquitous, easy hi-tech solution that the market has ruined to achieve for all “. Explosion of a press release on the desk of every editor of the magazines and newspapers of the country “Some programs that automatically Mailer

And they’ve to be paid by their customers, click, send and pray that the proportion of pure numbers go.

Registered in their prayers by almost all others in the industry is a press release, these days will see the light if only one of two things happen: A. The PR-journalist has a personal relationship with the editor in question (it happens , though not often make), or B. The publisher in question together a survey pebbles from the mountain print exhibition of overflowing fun and have a product next to its competitors.

What does all this do with starting their own newspaper?

Well, a lot actually. If you really want to check your PR, you impress your customers, companies add gravitas and the doors open everywhere you go, start your newspaper is the way to do it.

Even easier when you go to someone who may already have a network of such people in the house, used sound experience to make the project, you can advise whether it works or not in a position to assess their potential, without first to the bottom line to your account.

This is called a transaction value. They have value as an observationbut recognize that things work only if they have stayed up front say that the tone of the cement mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you find the right company (and hopefully you have talked with us about this Amerland companies) that gives you a free report on the benefits and pitfalls of launching a newspaper, a legitimate right of the costs (because they are largely predictable) and a reasonable assessment based on their research andPerformance experience should be expected.

It is rare that someone starts a newspaper does not expect to make money.

There are a number of ways your newspaper will help you:

or sell your products and services

or opens the doors for you in government organizations and professional

o It will lead to new creative partnerships (more on that later)

Or enter a vehicle for your thoughts and ideas

O, it offers the possibilityto sell advertising

Or a catapult into the ranks of the media mogul

Sell ​​your products and services, the easiest thing is to talk. You could, for example, remove double-page ad in the newspaper or better yet, do a double page editorial advertising. Assuming that they were provided free copies of all your customers, not only for them but also provide their customers as a value added service, you just have a massive sales-to-business and for yourfree.

Possession of a newspaper will automatically opens the doors. As the owner of the means to disseminate news to the public reading you find that professional organizations and authorities in order to grow your friendship. It will be placed on lists of customers, mailing lists and even whole lists of interviews by other journalists.

A newspaper is the perfect vehicle for creative partnership in the making. Give it away for free, for instance, all tourist hotels in your areaand reduced them even free advertising or publicity and see if you connect to services to promote your business and then. offer reduced advertising to all your customers. Use it as a vehicle with complementary products or services from companies outside their own to sell. The list of possibilities is limited only by your financial ability to deal creatively.

Use the newspaper as a platform (not the pulpit) for your thoughts and ideas.As a professional is again in line with your market. You know the challenges, developments, what makes them tick. You probably untested theories and suggestions. Used correctly, a newspaper platform, a media star turn in your county.

Earn money with advertising. This is a snap. Depending on how your paper, you can circulate it to you directly generate revenue through advertising. This may be displayed on a small scale to the filling’Messaging’ for full-page ads, since practically no one care approach.

Last but not least you will be classified by the “magic” a newspaper as a media mogul. Someone who has influence the world of media, able, relevant developments in specific, type the profile of the specific business and in the events of luxury.

All this is of course only a subset of the benefits and opportunities of owning your own dueNewspaper. The reality is treated properly, can catapult your company into the stratosphere to the possible use of the opportunities of your past that have slipped toes and help you would have a much greater effect on the job, the thought of you.

Why your newspaper is to start a feasible idea, does not mean you should go on and (although we would have done all our customers!). Talk to us first.Tell us what you hope to achieve, because it work for you and we will give you an obligation-free assessment that not only the possibility but also the pitfalls of thinking illustrated.

This will give you a good overall picture of how journalism works.